Gateway of IT Infrastructure integration

Digital Signature 

Digital Identitity of a person can be validated through biometric solution. A Plastic I-card or membership card can be integrated with existing services.

Survey and forecast

Digital data collection through offline / online mobile devices or smart phones. Availability of predefined question template and custom questions. The collected data gets used present in graphical charts. Forecast solution module can be used based on existing data.

API Integration

A highly skilled team is available to make any legacy system to talk with newly build solution through our API solution.


We provide creative solutions for all your needs!

1. Digital Signature and security system.
2. Data Collection, aggregation and forecasting
3. Micro services for system inegration.
4. Cloud management 

AI based support

Reduce the army of IT Support

We are specilized in providing AI based solution which reduces cost of IT Infrastructure human support.

Data collection on the go

Authenticated data gets collected through mobile devices independent of online or online devices. Web interface provides aggregated data with choice of several diagram or charts.

Cost effective ID card solution

An office or a store need not to have a stack of computers and time and attendance machines when they go for our solution. Explore the most cheapest TA service with 100% secure and 100% up time.

Integration Service

EquationSoft is having a team of highly skilled devlopers for integration of HR/Sales/WorkForce/Finance solution in a single platform without deploying a Army of support staff for opration. 

Web Design & Development

1. Highly scalable web applications.
2.Cloud deployment and support for cost effectiveness 


NFC and RFID solution

EquationSoft is well equiped with plastic card based

1. Security Solution
2. Membership Card solution.
3. Time and Attendance solution.



EquationSoft is established in year 2007 as fully export oriented a STPI Unit at Bhubaneswar for providing scalable IT solution in the field of Retail.


First of its kind to validate finger print through Android Based biometric devices.


Smart-Pipe integrates any HR system output to the Work force Management system input


Smart Data Collection, Aggregation and presentation.

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